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Mission and Vision

A Single Drop is a humanitarian organization that promotes water as a source of peace and equity. Our mission is to unite communities through water by creating community based water organization that are self-reliant, independent and replicable. We do so by offering creative strategies and technology trainings to empower local citizens to resolve their own water issues efficiently and sustainably.

ASD stays in a select country for a 3 year mentoring program to create a regional hub of water expertise fully staffed by Nationals. It will become a Water Education Training Center that serves the entire country as well as surrounding countries. These regional centers help create and/or strengthen local water education training centers that are income-generating and engage all sectors of the community.

Another primary focus is our Women WaterKeepers Program. In March 2008, in partnership with Women's Earth Alliance, Groots Kenya, Greenbelt Movement and Crabgrass, ASD will be hosting the African Women and Water Conference to strengthen women's traditional roles as waterbearers. This conference is unique in that it merges technology transfer with organizational and business development to assist grassroots African Women to plan an income-generating water service project from start to finish. During the conference the women will create a realistic project strategy and compose a competitive proposal that they will submit for funding consideration. ASD will follow-up with the participants to assist in implementation, business development and sustainability for a year or as needed following the conference. Meanwhile, WEA will support the information flow and connection between the projects and the women through network technology to ensure that information is shared. For more information: www.africanwomenandwater.org


Gemma Bulos, ASD Founder, who was meant to be in the World Trade Center on 9/11, responded by composing “WE RISE”, an world peace anthem that uses water as a metaphor for unity in action. in 2004, her landmark project “The Million Voice Choir” was the first drop of action in ASDs evolution. ASD mobilizes voices from around the planet annually to bridge cultures worldwide to sing, “We Rise”, to raise awareness of global water issues and encourage water stewardship to cultivate peace..

In her travels, after seeing the direct effects water has on community health, poverty and gender inequities, Gemma expanded ASDs mission by tackling water issues head on. In 2006 ASD opened A Single Drop for SafeWater in the Philippines to be the flagship regional office that will spawn local Water Education Training Centers in the country and around Southeast Asia. Regional training centers such as ASDSW can be replicated around the world..

Project History Details

June 2006 - A Single Drop (ASD) offered 4 BioSand Filter Trainings in the Philippines to large international NGOs. Project resulted in 6 BSF projects around the country

September 2006 - in response to the great demand in the Philippines for BSF technology as well as other simple and affordable water access solutions, ASD formed an autonomous office in the country called A Single Drop for SafeWater (ASDSW). ASD supports ASDSW with seed grants to open the office and staff it with Philippine Nationals for a 3 year program to create a national office to offer variuos appropriate water technologies nationwide. ASD mentors the national office to become an independent and income-generating water consultancy firm while ASDSW creates and/or strengthens people's water organizations or PODS (People Offering Deliverable Services) to become a micro-business while acting as a local hub of water expertise itself. PODS will then incubate and become local trainers to reach out and mentor neighboring communities.

In less than a year in country, over 16,000 people were provided with access to safe water in conflict affected, distaster ridden and poverty stricken areas in the Philippines. Over 15 projects were launched and over half are income-generating and are following a strategic business plan.

ASDSWs services are demand driven. After 5 months of being in the country, we have had no need to solicit interest from clients. They are coming to us. We are serving on two national committees that are comprised of national health offices, international aid agencies and water NGOs. The goals of the committees are to create disasater protocols in regards to water and emergency and each organization's role in the releif efforts, as well as agreeing on a collective water agenda for the country.

Total WASH Budget

$100,000 - 249,999

The lives of 2,566 people in 2 countries have been impacted.

Improved Drinking Water


across 3 projects

Improved Sanitation


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