Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI)

Established 1999 Member since 2008

Mission and Vision

Since 1999 PADI has been operating in Ruvuma Region. From 3rd September 2008 PADI is has widen its coverage from one region to the whole country( 21 regions Tanzania Mainland). Among the many projects that PADI organizes and implements are water projects such as building improved water wells and drilling boreholes in remote villages and schools that have no access to safe sources of water.


Tanzania mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI) formally known as Ruvuma Mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI) was established on 15th June 1999 and registered as an NGO on 22nd November 1999 with registration certificate No. So 10140. On the 3rd September 2008 PADI Complied under the NGO Act (2002) and received registration No. 0795. To date the organization has a total number of 300 members, of whom 113 are male and 187 female. PADI is operating nationally and its head office is located in Songea Municipal depot near the Angaza office in Ruvuma Region.

PADI mainly deals with provision of clean and safe water,malaria control entrepreneurship skills training, loans to small businesses and farmers, sensitizing communities to support vulnerable older people (OP), disabled and poor people at a grassroots level for the purpose of poverty alleviation in rural and urban areas.

Project History Details

PADI has been implementing this kind of water project for more than Six years, beginning in 2003.
PADI experiences in water project is as Following:

•PADI started its first water project in 2003 in peripheral wards to ensure people in those wards access to clean and safe water. In 2003 PADI managed to construct 11 wells in Mletele ward. The project was funded by Peace Corps Tanzania Office and a private donor from USA. The project was supervised by Mr Timothy Hogan in collaboration with PADI.

•In 2005, we managed to construct 8 additional wells more in Mletele, Motogoro and Mshangano wards. Help Age International funded the project through Songea Older person’s forum.

•In 2007 PADI managed to construct 14 water wells ( 1 bore hole and 13 improved water wells) in Mjimwema-Liwumbu,Makemba, Chandarua and Luhira.This project was funded by Run For Africa an American NGO.

•In Nov.2007 to Jan.2008 PADI managed to construct 7 improved traditional wells in Namanyigu Village (Mshangano ward) funded by Help Age International

•From 16th Sept. 2008 to 30th Nov. 2008 PADI has managed to construct 34 Improved traditional wells funded by Blue Planet Run Foundation (BPRF) in Mshangano ward.

•From Dec. 2008 to 30 January 2009 PADI has constructer 3 bore holes (I at Kalembo,1 at Chandarua and 1 at Luwawasi Sec. School). Benefiting more than1608 students,39 school staff and 151 community around schools funded by Blue Planet Run Foundation(BPRF).

Total WASH Budget

Less than $100,000

The lives of 16,364 people in 1 country have been impacted.

Improved Drinking Water


across 8 projects

Improved Sanitation


across 6 projects



across 1 projects

Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI)
P.O. Box 517
Songea, Ruvuma

  • Iskaka Msigwa
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Tim Hogan

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