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Mission and Vision

During the past 20 years we have completed over 35 water systems and over 200 school-related water projects.


Attached are two maps giving an idea of where we are located in Guatemala. Nebaj is our center of operations for the last 20 years. We also do projects in several other departments with other funding agencies.

Attached is a Power Point about the Peace Corps Appropriate Technology and Healthy Schools projects. Also a typical project application is attached.

It is one of our main objectives in Guatemala to improve health and hygiene education.

Project History Details

Agua Para La Salud is a non profit registered in Guatemala. We have 4 masons, a field supervisor, and office manager working in Nebaj. We have over the last 20 years completed about 35 water systems and over 200 projects related to school facilities. We also do water system design training.

These projects are ongoing and we have work on this project each year for about 20 years. The cost of such a project is about $15,000 to $20,000 per year with projects located in schools in various parts of the country where Peace Corps volunteers (PCV) are located for two to four years. The average cost of project is about $1000.00 and the funds are part of a shared financial package with each project. The community, mayor, and local banks are required to support the projects with the other 2/3 of the cost. We provide technical assistance and financing for the projects. The projects normally last over a one year period. The projects are organized by the PCV in each area.

The year usually begins with training of the Healthy Schools and Appropriate Technology trainees in May - July. This training has elements in it that require the volunteers to construct various structures such as latrines , water storage tanks, pumps, etc; in health centers and schools near the training center. The cost of materials during this training is normally about $3000. The balance of the funds are used to support projects once the PCV is on their site.

Total WASH Budget

$100,000 - 249,999

The lives of 22,025 people in 1 country have been impacted.

Improved Drinking Water


across 19 projects

Improved Sanitation


across 23 projects



across 9 projects

Agua Para La Salud (APLS)
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    Project Manager

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