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Mission and Vision

East Meets West creates sustainable and catalytic solutions to difficult development problems. Our mission statement is to transform the health, education and communities of disadvantaged people by building partnerships, developing opportunities and creating sustainable solutions.


East Meets West (EMW) has been working with the people of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, the Philippines, Benin and Timor Leste to build a peaceful and prosperous future. EMW’s core programs are in the areas of education, water and sanitation, and health. Currently the largest international non-governmental organization (NGO) working in Vietnam’s WASH sector, EMW has built a reputation of implementing high quality programs and projects that make a lasting impact on thousands of children and families living in poverty.

Project History Details

EMW has pioneered the output-based aid (OBA) approach for water and sanitation projects, with the aim to improve performance and service delivery to the poor. This approach is transparent and cost-effective, and shifts the financial/performance risks from donors to service providers.

In the sanitation sector, these OBA programs have been refined such that they strictly target and reach the rural poor. Financial incentives for various stakeholders are agreed before the project is implemented, and paid out on the basis of results (latrines) achieved, for poor households only. The program model is holistic, with demand triggering, supply chain development, access to finance, and a hygiene behavior change campaign.

In the water sector, EMW has shifted towards public-private partnerships as experience has shown that the private sector can construct water schemes at roughly half of the cost of donor supported schemes. Besides getting greater leverage and reaching more people with the same amount of funds, the partnerships have also led to better service quality and incentives for greater sustainability. Supervisory or operation and maintenance roles are assigned to the responsible government body.

EMW has been leading clean water and sanitation efforts in Vietnam for decades and is now bringing the Output Based Aid (OBA) approach to the WASH sector in Cambodia and Laos along with its partners. In 2012, EMW received a major institutional grant and has been implementing the Community Hygiene Output-based Aid (CHOBA) project. The aim of CHOBA is to improve sanitation and hygiene practices among the rural poor. This program will benefit 1.7 million people in 344,000 households across 333 communes in Vietnam and Cambodia.

In 2013, EMW secured a second major grant spanning 2013-2017 for Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao PDR, to implement payment by results programs for public-private partnerships in rural and small town water supply systems. The grant also supports an OBA household sanitation and hygiene program.

Across the three countries, the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Output Based Aid (WASHOBA) project will provide clean water to 94,600 people and improved sanitation facilities for 136,000 people. Around 195,500 people across the three countries will have better knowledge about hygiene practices.

Total WASH Budget

$1,000,000 or more

The lives of 948,379 people in 3 countries have been impacted.

Improved Drinking Water


across 170 projects

Improved Sanitation


across 8 projects



across 4 projects

East Meets West, an affiliate of Thrive Networks
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  • Georgia Davis
    Knowlege & Learning Officer, WASH
  • Jeff Albert
    Vice President, Thrive Water
  • IV Bunthoeun
    WASH Program Officer
  • Hanh Cong
    Sr.Admin & Finance Officer
  • Karen Correa
  • Emily Danko
  • Jenna Evaluator
  • Nik Holbro
  • Jennifer Hubbart
    Project Manager
  • Jenna Hubbart
  • Claire Hubbart
  • Hor Kim
    WASH Program Manager
  • Danica Kumara
  • Duong Le
  • Assna Leth
    Clean Water Projects Officer
  • Per Ljung
  • Alexandra McGee
    Development Associate
  • Lisa Nash
    Executive Director
  • Lisa Nash
    Executive Director
  • Ha Nguyen
    WASHOBA Program Officer
  • Minh Chau Nguyen
  • Jeppe Nielsen
    International Advisor Clean Water & Sanitation
  • Nhem Sovatha
    Program Officer
  • Test Syntax
  • Hoang Thi Hang Tam
    Deputy Director
  • Burt Thompson
  • Phuoc Tong
    Program Officer of WASHOBA Vietnam
  • Ngoc Tran
  • Ngoc Tran
    Data Analyst, Blue Planet Network
  • Anh Tran
  • Hoan Tran
  • Sreymom Um
    M&E Officer, Cambodia
  • Jin Zindell

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