Team Blue

Established 2009 Member since 2009

Mission and Vision

A group of dedicated individual volunteers working on water and sanitation issues around the world.


Team Blue was established in July 2009.

Volunteer program to enlist people of all ages and abilities to do what they can to save water in their own communities and raise funds for safe drinking water projects in rural communities in developing nations implemented by Blue Planet Network 100+ member organizations.

Project History Details

Each individual has a different set of WASH experiences. For example, Team Blue will Peer Review water and sanitation projects such as these recently Peer Reviewed projects on this listing: Projects in Need of Funding.

We encourage Team Blue members to also monitor projects in the field by using Blue Planet Network's services or taking photos when possible.
See Monitoring Tools.

Stories of Water is a collection of photo essays that shines light on real lives changed by water. The stories are submitted by volunteer photographers and Team Blue members who have visited communities around the world in need of or benefiting from Blue Planet Network member projects. Please see here for more:
Stories of Water.

Total WASH Budget

$250,000 - 499,999

The lives of 0 people in 0 countries have been impacted.

Improved Drinking Water


across 0 projects

Improved Sanitation


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Team Blue
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  • Georgia Davis
  • Guillaume Clairet
    Vice President, Srategic Business Development
  • Roger Kallock
    Chairman, Chagrin Consulting Assoc
  • Madan Kumar
  • Rick McGowan
    Water Sanitation Specialist
  • David Meader
  • Bert Sandell
  • Meera Sanyal
  • Joe Sesil
  • Saurin Shah
  • Dave Simko
  • Dipti Vaghela
  • Eileen Weigel

Geographic focus:   Cambodia   Costa Rica   El Salvador   Ethiopia   Guatemala   Haiti   Honduras   India   Madagascar   Nicaragua   United States   Vietnam  

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